I am a strong, independent voice beyond the reach of any special interest group or partisan political pressure. I will work with key players across the spectrum of public opinion to forge creative, common sense solutions to our most pressing concerns.

We must preserve the character of our neighborhoods, ease tax burdens, and secure economic viability. We need to promote environmentally sensitive, smart development and recruit new business interests that align closely with our collective vision for the future of Stony Point.

About Kevin:
Independent Candidate for Stony Point Town Council running on the SAM Party line Row H and the Independent Serve Rockland Party line Row I.

Long time Stony Point homeowner, father of three and partner and husband to wife Jen.

Small Business Owner with a multitude of personal and professional relationships throughout our county.

Strongly opposed to high density overdevelopment and will aggressively enforce planning and zoning codes.

Opposed to any house of worship law in Stony Point, citing violations against the Establishment Clause to the U.S. Constitution, which forbids the government from promoting religion, and will essentially codify and legalize block busting.

Strong advocate of open and transparent government and will push for live streaming of all Stony Point Town Board meetings.

Fully committed to working with the Rockland County Industrial Agency and the Rockland County Economic Development Corp., as well as any other groups, individuals or agencies that can promote good economic growth in Stony Point.

Volunteer Coach for Stony Point Little League and CYO Basketball.

Personally involved in numerous neighborhood fundraisers for charitable organizations.