Money Donated To PAC On Same Day Through 5 LLCs – All Belonging To NYC Real Estate Mogul & GOP Bankroller Richard LeFrak
GOP Works To Influence Outcome of 38th State Senate Race
Candidate Justin Sweet: ‘My Opponent Has Betrayed All Democrats’

NYACK, NY (June 15, 2020) – Financial disclosure records from the New York State Board of Elections show that self-described “progressive candidate” Elijah Reichlin-Melnick has accepted thousands of dollars in questionable campaign donations from Donald Trump’s best friend – NYC real estate mogul and GOP bankroller Richard LeFrak.

“You can’t be a progressive candidate – or the right Democratic Party choice – if you are accepting money from a Republican multi-millionaire with deep ties to Donald Trump,” said Justin Sweet, who is seeking the Democratic line in the 38th

State Senate Primary on June 23.

“Democrats are working hard every single day to ensure the values we have long supported – family, equality, health care for all, and so many other important Democratic principles – are not only protected but strengthened. Donald Trump is doing just the opposite and so is anyone who takes money from a donor like Richard LeFrak. My opponent has betrayed all Democrats.”

Follow The Money
A new political action committee, the Hudson Valley Voters for Change, has suddenly arisen, with thousands of dollars in its coffers – and lots of supporting materials for Reichlin-Melnick, including a glossy new mailer.

But the Hudson Valley Voters for Change PAC has strange ties, including its treasurer, a Brooklyn-based lobbyist whose largest client is billionaire Trump donor and real estate mogul Richard LeFrak.

In his state disclosure forms, the lobbyist says he will conduct both grassroots and direct lobbying efforts concerning municipal land use and real estate development projects – and that the targets of his efforts will include the New York State Senate.

The PAC even has secret donors. Five of the donations made to the PAC were ALL done on June 8, ALL for $5,000 each, and ALL from Richard Lefrak-owned limited liability corporations. ALL five LLCs share the same address in Midtown Manhattan, which is also the address for the LeFrak organization. As of June 12, the PAC has seen more than $210,000 in donations, mostly from LLCs whose ownership is unclear.

● 5 donors to newly formed PAC each contributed $5,000
● Each donation was made on June 8
● Each donor is a limited liability corporation
● Each LLC is owned by Richard LeFrak
● Each LLC shares the same address as the LeFrak organization
● LeFrak is a GOP supporter, but $25,000 in PAC donations were made to Democrat Elijah Reichlin-Melnick

Who is Richard LeFrak?

Like his friend Donald Trump, Richard LeFrak inherited his real estate empire. LeFrak has spent recent years helping to bankroll Republican politicians like Senator Lindsey Graham and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is holding up direct aid to New York municipal governments facing significant budget shortfalls due to the pandemic.
Reichlin-Melnick is campaigning on a message of, “We need State government to work for everyone, not just the wealthy and the well-connected,” but LeFrak isn’t even the first billionaire to invest thousands of dollars in Elijah. Among Elijah’s other donors is venture capitalist and charter school advocate Arthur Rock, who has given $7,500, the maximum allowed.

“Elijah wants us to believe he will always do the right thing, no matter what,” Sweet said. “But his actions stand in opposition to his words. He has shown he is willing to turn a blind eye while a billionaire New York City real estate mogul and GOP activist’s money tries to poison our local elections. MY word CAN be trusted. My actions have proven it time and time again, including my years as Town Clerk and Receiver of Taxes in Clarkstown. I have a track record of working FOR the people and I will continue to do so in Albany.”


Trump’s Best Friend: Richard LeFrak

The LeFrak Organization
● Company profile:
● Company website:
Hudson Valley Voters for Change Political Action Committee (PAC)
● Disclosure forms for Lobbyist-PAC Treasurer George Fontas (Shows who he works for (Ricard
LeFrak) and what he intends to do (lobby State Senate):
● Donations to the PAC (Shows the 5 LLCs that each donated $5,000 to PAC on June 8, as well as
other LLCs whose ownership is unclear):

Ownership Of The 5 LLCs (Shows Each Is Owned By Richard Lefrak):
Link to main search page:
– PDFs of the individual LLCs attached:
● West Side Manor Inc.
● Mexico Leasing Corp.
● Notre Dame Leasing Corp.
● Mount Housing Corp.
● LSS Leasing Corp.

Richard LeFrak: Donations To The GOP’s Top 3 (Federal Elections Commission):
Team Lindsey Graham:
Kevin McCarthy for Congress:
Mitch McConnell Senate Committee:
Arthur Rock: One More Millionaire’s Billionaire’s Donation:
Washington Post, “Why It Matters Who Governs America’s Public Schools”, November 4, 2018: