New City, NY, – County Executive Ed Day is pleased to announce that the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) union has voted to ratify a tentative contract with the County.


“My goal is to reach fair, responsible contracts with all of our unions and this is another positive step in that direction,” said County Executive Day. “Thank you to the union and to the bargaining team from our Department of Personnel for all the work they have put into developing this contract.”


Day plans to sign the agreement, which also requires the approval of the Rockland County Legislature. The multi-year agreement with the CSEA covers August 2016, to December 31, 2021.


Contract highlights:


  • Incremental wage increases and lump sum payments covering 2017-2021.
    • 2017: $800 lump sum, no money on base salary
    • 2018: $1500 lump sum, no money on base salary
    • 2019: 2% on base salary
    • 2020: 3% on base salary effective 8/1/20
    • 2021: 3% on base salary effective 8/1/21


Multiple operational changes including:


  • Reduction in vacation accruals and associated payments for new hires
  • Process changes regarding the grievance and reallocation procedure
  • Expansion of the Rockland County Drug and Alcohol Policy to include 10-panel screening
  • Streamlining of promotion qualifications


The CSEA last received a percentage raise (2%) to their base salary in 2010 but did receive a $.65/hour increase to their base salary in 2016. The cost of this contract through the end of 2019 is approximately $4 million which is being internally appropriated from the 2019 Budget. Future increases in 2020 and 2021 will be appropriately budgeted for those years.


There are approximately 1,272 members of CSEA. It is the largest County employee union.


County Executive Day is committed to settling all of Rockland’s outstanding contracts, “we are starting to turn the corner financially and wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work of our dedicated employees. I am glad we could find a balance between the need to safeguard taxpayer dollars and the need to recognize the critical importance of these union members.”