Top Six Administrators take home $8,883,322 in Annual Salary and Bonuses but Allegedly Want to Cut Worker Benefits

On August 26, 2021 Healthcare Workers from Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern NY took to the streets to protest working conditions while demanding a new contract.

As dozens of healthcare workers lined the sidewalk waving signs and ringing bells, motorists drove by honking in support.  The issues were made clear on the signs held by protesting workers.  One sign read “If We Are Outside Something is Wrong Inside”  another read “GSH/WMC Employee Heroes Denied Hazard Pay” and “WMC CEO is Paid $2.8 million Hire More Nurses,” “GSH WMC Does Not Want Their Employees to Have Raises or Benefits  Fair Contract Now,” “Nurses put the CARE in Healthcare.”

Healthcare workers are unhappy because Administrators are being paid six and seven figures in annual compensation while allegedly telling frontline healthcare workers that there is no money.

According to one worker who did not want to be identified, “All we are asking for is to MAINTAIN our benefits that are currently in place.”

Workers feel that management are using stalling tactics and are not negotiating in good faith.

Administration has apparently never visited the ICU unit as healthcare workers have dealt with multiple COVID-19 surges that have stretched resources and personnel to the limit while receiving bonuses in addition to their generous salaries. “We continue to come to work each day to care for our patients who were affected by the covid pandemic and demand to be treated equitably.”

According to See Through New York, the top six administrators at WMC/GSH earn combined, a whopping $8,883,322 in annual salary and bonuses.

Michael Israel CEO WMC $2,834,662
Gary Brudnicki Sr. Exec. VP CFO/COO $1,946,178
Mark Fersko Financial Advisor $1,109,810
Mary Leahy CEO GSH $1,055,704
Anthony Costello SVP/COO $972,563
Julie Switzer, EVP, CLO & General Counsel $964,405

Michael Israel is the highest paid municipal employee in New York State and these six Westchester County Health Care Corporation occupy six of the top ten wage earner spots in the entire state.