Petitions Filed by Dr. Adams Alleging Wrongdoing by the Board and Asking for the Removal of Suffern Central School District Board President Dr. Dgheim Denied!

The Commissioner of Education yesterday issued two rulings regarding appeals brought by suspended Suffern Central School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Douglas Adams, denying stay orders that sought the removal from the Board of Education of Board President Dr. Amany Messieha Dgheim and to enjoin the Board from taking any action until his appeal against it is decided.

“These rulings are vindication for the members of the Board and myself regarding our efforts to meet our fiduciary duties to the citizens of our school district and to create transparency in exploring how administration has addressed serious matters involving the welfare and security of our students,” said Board President Dr. Dgheim.

“It was disconcerting to have Dr. Adams attempt to stop the work of the Board while issues involving the powers of the superintendent and the statutory duties of the Board of Education, as reflected in policy, are reconciled by the Commissioner of Education” said Angus MacKenzie.

The above statements represent the individuals’ personal points of view and are
not made on behalf of the Board of Education.