In an effort to distract from the issues, Ken Zebrowski and his campaign filed objections to the petitions of the only two former prosecutors in the race to be Rockland District Attorney. Zebrowski supporter and neighbor, Ronald Hanna, filed objections to both Patricia Gunning and Victor Alfieri’s Democratic petitions to get on the ballot for the June election. Despite Zebrowski’s self-professed legal experience and skills, even his petition challenges are replete with mistakes, duplications of objections, and frivolous claims. So despite paying out-of-county canvassers for many of the signatures and strong arming Democratic committee members to collect the rest of the signatures on his behalf, Ken Zebrowski is seeking to throw out hundreds of valid Democratic signatures, all in an effort to reduce the field of qualified candidates. In filing these frivolous challenges, weaponizing the very election law loopholes he’s helped shape in Albany, Ken is seemingly displaying a remarkable level of contempt for the very voters whose support he seeks.

“I am not a politician. I entered the race with the hope that the campaign would be about the merits – each candidates’ qualifications, each candidates’ vision for the office,” said Patricia Gunning. “When I announced my candidacy, I had respect for my rumored and announced opponents. Now, I know that respect was misplaced.”

“The Office of District Attorney is not a place for legal lightweights. This is a job that demands experience and expertise,” said Victor Alfieri. “As someone who does not even practice criminal law in his private practice, Ken Zebrowski would need to be taught the ropes and is simply unprepared to be District Attorney. That is why he wants two candidates with real world experience in a courtroom as prosecutors off the ballot.”

“As the first woman to run for District Attorney, Ms. Gunning is clearly a qualified candidate who deserves to be on the ballot. We look forward to a debate of the issues during this primary campaign. Qualified female candidates should be given the opportunity to get on the ballot. Judge Alfieri has dedicated his life to public service,” said Chris Smith, Spokesperson for the Walsh Campaign. “We stand firm with them in fighting to ensure, the voters, not party bosses, government bureaucrats or family members, have the final say on who their next District Attorney is.”

The voters of Rockland will have a choice this primary election, despite the Zebrowski campaign’s efforts as both candidates are confident that their validation efforts to get on the Democratic ballot will be successful.