On March 12th the Rockland County Supreme Court dismissed 5 out of 6 causes of action against the Village of Airmont by Central UTA.

In her decision, Judge Sherri Eisenpress found that the Village of Airmont was correct in issuing a Certificate of Occupancy violation to the school, the Village of Airmont Zoning Board was correct to uphold the violation, and Eisenpress dismissed all other causes alleging wrongdoing against the Village. The issue of selective enforcement has yet to be decided.

One of the major issues that challengers to the current administration have raised is that they are unfair in their decision making.  This ruling a long way to negate these spurious accusations.

The nasty battle of Airmont wages on as the election is just two days away.  The challengers had incumbents Philip Gigante, Paul Marchesani and Anthony Valvo thrown off the ballot and many voters feel disenfranchised as a result.  Some claim that they were accused of not having signed the petitions ot that their signatures were forged. Many were subpoenaed and claim that they and their entire family had indeed signed the petition and were in fact registered voters.   A letter has been sent to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and a complaint filed with the Rockland County Attorney alleging that Rockland County Democratic Chairwoman and Democratic Rockland County Board of Elections Commissioner  Kristen Zebrowski Stavinsky gave unfettered and unfair direct access to the plaintiff’s attorney.  As a result, the incumbents have launched a massive “Write-the-Wrong” write-in campaign.

The decision can be read here.