A massive, weekend-long St. Patrick’s party is being planned and hosted by local law enforcement agencies in Rockland County. 

The Suffern Police Department, Piermont Police Department, Ramapo Police Department, Haverstraw Police Department, Orangetown Police Department, Clarkstown Police Department, Spring Valley Police Department, Stony Point Police Department, the South Nyack-Grandview Police Department, New York State Troopers and the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department have pooled their resources to make sure that this St. Patrick’s Day will be a memorable one for some partiers.

“There will be photos and party favors for all” said one law enforcement officer who did not want to be identified, “There is plenty of room, we are offering free accommodations for everyone this weekend and there is no need for a reservation. Semi-not private rooms and community shower facilities are available.”

Suffern, Piermont and Spring Valley have gone all out to be gracious hosts this weekend; instead of the typical fare of bread and water, these villages have  upgraded the culinary offerings for all guests to include Irish Soda Bread and Agua de Suffern or Agua de Suez.

L’Hotel du Rockland has plenty of vacancies and is said to be rolling out the red carpet in anticipation of hosting those who take the revelerie a little too far.

The County LEO Choir let by Lt. John Mallon will serenade visitors with their own special rendition of the Disney song “Be Our Guest” upon their arrival at L’Hotel du Rockland.

Have a great weekend, BE SAFE and party responsibly.