Our neighbors on Stage Street in Airmont need our help!!  Please come to tonight’s Airmont Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meeting at 8pm at Village Hall (251 Cherry Lane).

On the agenda for tonight’s ZBA meeting, are Public Hearings for 2 applications from a single applicant, requesting a total of 15 zoning variances for proposed warehouses/ offices and associated parking lots.  The locations include Route 59 and Stage Street in Airmont.  The proposed access for employees and their parking will only be from Stage Street, which is a small street with several families and young children.  The number of variances is large and the size of the requested reductions in setbacks/buffers are significant.  We’ve included a link to the agenda on the village website (at the bottom of this email) and have also attached the agenda to this email so all can review the details of the requested variances.

Please come out to support your neighbors – we all need to work together to ensure that the projects proposed for our village are safe for our families, do not stress our infrastructure, and have minimal impact on our single-family residential areas.  Although tonight’s meeting is a Public Hearing, which means that the community is permitted to speak regarding the requested variances, it is not necessary for you to speak publicly at the meeting.  Your presence alone can show support for our Stage Street residents and will help to show that we oppose all land-use projects which are not appropriate for the locations proposed, regardless of the applicant’s religion, race, gender etc.