by Bruce Simon

See that headline above? That’s what we all need to do right now.

By this point, most everyone has heard that SOMETHING happened at the school board meeting last
night. That’s all we know – SOMETHING happened.

We don’t know why.

We don’t know how long this has been brewing.

We don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong.

Some of you reading this will like and approve of what happened. Some of you reading this won't like and disapprove of what happened.

Guess what? Both sides are correct, because we don’t know how or why we got to this point.
There’s no “yeah, but” here – no one knows, except for the school board members and a few

Please, stop pointing fingers, stop blaming one or more members of the board.

Having been a trustee and deputy mayor in Suffern, I can tell you disciplinary matters are best handled
behind closed doors, out of the public’s view. That doesn’t mean this should all happen under the radar;
when the time is right, you can and should expect some accounting of what’s going on, consistent with
what the law allows, but at this time, feelings are too raw, there’s too much gossip, and nothing
constructive can or will happen immediately.

Another thing: there is a process which needs to be followed, both for the accused and the accuser(s).
Please let that process work itself out before making a judgment as to whether you agree with it or not.
All we're doing now is fueling a fire that could burn us all. Think about that for a minute.
Instead, focus your attention on the upcoming school board election. Run for a position if you’re able, or work to get one or more candidates you like elected.

After all, the school board is supposed to work for all of us; by taking an active role, you can help
protect the future for our children.

* If you know what’s happening because a school board member or employee has given you inside
information, you should report that person, and that person should be removed from their position
immediately. In matters such as this, privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. Anyone
who violates that doesn’t deserve to hold their job.