My name is Chris Nicpon and for the past three years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving on the Board of Education of the Suffern Central School District. I ran for the Board three years ago with the hope of bringing stability and integrity to a divided Board that was in turmoil. I believed that I had the ability to work with others to solve complex problems in order to guide the district back to a strong foundation from which to educate our students. I am proud of our work as a Board. I know we have developed a sense of trust among ourselves and with the administration that will allow the district to move forward. I am proud of our teachers, administrators, students and staff. I am proud of our families in the district. I believe that there is more work to be done and more progress to be made.

Along with current Board President, Matt Kern, I am seeking re-election to the board for another three-year term. My family has lived in the district for 22 years and all three of our children completed grades K-12. I am a practicing pediatrician in Bergen County, NJ and remain active in church/community charities and functions. We have enjoyed the many opportunities that come with a Suffern education. I am committed to ensuring that those opportunities continue to be available to all current and future students and families. I am excited about the future possibilities at Suffern Central. Our new Superintendent brings an energy and a drive for innovation that will propel our educational experiences to new heights. We have expanded the district’s Pre-K offerings. We have ensured summer enrichment programs for our students. We continue to work through COVID keeping our students and staff safe and in person as much as possible.

I remain optimistic about the future of Suffern Central and if re-elected, I will remain committed to keeping the focus on our students. There will continue to be challenges for the district. I intend to continue to use my ability to assess information, incorporate and acknowledge all aspects of a problem and work together with others to find a solution. I believe that I can continue to keep this district moving forward. I thank you for your past support and ask for your continued support on May 17th.

All candidates for elected office are encouraged to send in a bio outlining who they are and why they are running. Please email us at: [email protected]