The reason I am running for CCSD School Board can be summed up in three words – FOR OUR KIDS.  I understand that serving on the Board is not something to be taken lightly, but rather an honor.  An honor to serve our community.  I have led a life of honor and service, beginning as a volunteer Auxiliary Police Officer in my hometown of Maplewood NJ; volunteering in college with the Student Public Safety Patrol as well as with the Rutgers Jewish Student Organization.  I enjoy helping people, it is something I am passionate about, and that is why I became a Police Officer.  I am just as passionate about ensuring that ALL of our children get the best possible start in life.  Our main objective as Board members is to serve the kids and I want to ensure our children are taught to be good people, with empathy and live a meaningful, ethical life.

My wife, Jodi, and I moved to the area when she was pregnant with our first son, Eric.  We chose Clarkstown based on the reputation of the community and the great school system.  So far we have not been disappointed, but we want to see the community flourish even more and the schools reach new levels of excellence.  Once on the Board, I will respect, value and encourage the involvement of all parents, students and community.  I believe that with a rise in parent participation and the support of faculty and staff, working together, we can set new standards and performance expectations for our schools.  I want to work with and support our teachers.  I want our faculty to experience positive morale.  This type of environment will help foster better learning, as our teachers will feel trusted and know that they can instruct our children in a manner that will help them learn.  In turn, this will help our teachers grow and enjoy the job they were hired for and want to do. 

I understand that being a board member means serving the entire community and representing everyone.   There will be times when my colleagues and I may not agree on an issue, but I pledge to keep communication open, be respectful and listen to their position.  With only five years in Clarkstown, I am a fresh-face in the district and can bring a novel perspective.  I have never shied away from tough situations and I am prepared to tackle the tough issues such as the quality of education, equity, fiscal challenges and the like.  My background in Law Enforcement enables me to ask pertinent questions.  I expect, as well as demand, thorough and transparent answers to those questions.  I pledge to answer any questions directed to me with transparency.  The education I seek for our children includes art and musical programs, language courses, and multiple electives, all while maintaining a healthy and safe environment.    

The challenge will be figuring out how we plan to educate our children in a humanistic manner as we face a rapidly changing world.  Our goals need to be clear, we shall help our make children become good decision makers, information evaluators, problem solvers and critical thinkers.  And this must be done while teaching a broad, diverse population that takes into account the feelings and beliefs of all.

My decisions as a supervisor in the NYPD have always been predicated on doing what is right, not what is convenient.  I stand by my actions and always put the needs of the many above the needs of the few, with an emphasis on fairness and morals.   My decisions on the Board will be made with the interests of the children, the community and education as a whole as the driving factor, not an allegiance to outside forces.   I look forward to working with our new superintendent, the parents and all Board members as a team, with the objective of securing quality education for ALL of our students.     

All candidates for elected office are encouraged to send in a bio outlining who they are and why they are running. Please email us at: [email protected]