Cuomo Lied, They Died and Skoufis Let the Subpoenas Slide

Last week’s admission by Governor Cuomo’s Chief of Staff, Melissa DeRosa, that Governor Cuomo intentionally lied about the number of elderly that died in New York State Nursing Homes as a direct result of The Governor’s deadly executive order, was stunning both in its content and in who it was addressed to. Ms. DeRosa’s admission was made on a zoom call to certain Democratic lawmakers of which Senator James Skoufis was one. Not only did Senator Skoufis participate in the call, but allegedly thanked Ms. DeRosa for her candor and explanation. After the call, Senator Skoufis made no statement concerning the call’s existence or content.

Senator Skoufis is the Chair of the Senate Investigations Committee and has been leading the Senate’s sham investigation of the Nursing Home Death Scandal. Less than 2 weeks ago, Senator Skoufis refused to issue subpoenas to the Governor’s Office or The State Department of Health concerning his own investigation, thus allowing the Governor and his office to continue to lie and evade. Then when Ms. DeRosa finally admits the truth, Senator Skoufis thanked her. This shameful pandering is a complete abdication of Senator Skoufis’s oversight responsibilities as Chair of the investigations Committee. Senator Skoufis owes the families of those that died, and the people of New York,  answers. Senator Skoufis’ failure to seek or provide those answers clearly establishes that he is unfit to Chair the Senate Investigations Committee.

Therefore, The Rockland, Orange and Ulster County Republican Committees call on Senator Skoufis to immediately resign as Chair of The New York State Senate’s Investigations Committee. The people of the State of New York deserve true oversight and accountability, not effusive praise for other elected officials who lie and evade. Senator Skoufis must resign as Chair of the Senate Investigations Committee.

The 39th New York State Senate District includes parts of Rockland, Orange and Ulster Counties.