Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester) issued a second letter to Suez Water New York today, calling for a monetary credit on costumers’ future water bills. 

The demand comes in response to dozens of complaints from residents in Rockland County about poor quality drinking water. 

“Suez Water New York must continue to communicate with customers about what is going on with their water to address their concerns,” said Senator David Carlucci. “The company should also issue customers a monetary credit on their bills, while this problem continues.”
Residents who have contacted Sen. Carlucci’s office report their water has a terrible odor and taste and some described a difference in color, which is staining their sinks and tubs. They have also expressed fear in giving their water to their children and pets.
Suez said on Monday that the water is safe to drink and the taste and odor are the result of algae in Lake DeForest, a reservoir supplying water to about 100,000 customers. 
While Suez admits they are working to minimize the impact of the issue, they have not determined a solution. 
In the interim, Senator David Carlucci writes, “The water quality no longer meets its usual standards and customers do not feel comfortable using or drinking the water that they are paying for. Until the problem is mitigated, customers’ bills should be adjusted with an adequate credit refund.”
Carlucci goes on to ask that any cost associated with fixing the problem, not be passed on to customers. He cites Suez’s corporate tax reduction, which has since resulted in a windfall in profits for the company.

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