New City, NY, – County Executive Day disapproved (vetoed) Resolution No. 422 of 2019 – Calling For A Rockland’s Future Summit in 2020.

“My administration is always open to good ideas but before any law is introduced and passed there must be a basic level of due diligence performed. Our Human Rights Commission already conducts multiple events of this nature every year. In fact, we have an upcoming Fair Housing Symposium happening at RCC on October 16, 2019. Why would we turn to someone from potentially outside our County to address the issues that our Human Rights Commission is already working on? Why would we spend additional taxpayer dollars on something we already do? I invite all of our County Legislators to attend this upcoming event and all the events we hold of this nature in the future. I am curious to see who takes action when it is not an election year,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day.

The Resolution and Disapproval are attached.

Resolution No. 422 Of 2019 Disapproval