Spring Valley Mayor Alan Simon confronts a New York State Department of Transportation crew working in Spring Valley with yelling, cursing and tries to fire them and throw them off the job site.  The videos which were sent anonymously were apparently taken on Route 45 south of Route 59 on Sunday.

The Village was notified by the State on Thursday morning that the work was being done.

Mayor Simon, a former judge has a history of temper tantrums which have resulted in him having been removed from the bench and disbarred as an attorney.

Previous tantrums include barging into a former Spring Valley Mayor’s office threatening her with contempt if he didn’t get his own office, physically removing a student who had been hired to work in the clerk’s office, threatening a fellow judge with criminal trespass for using the bathroom in Simon’s chambers and for yelling and cursing at Spring Valley Trustee Sherry McGill.

It’s not known if Mayor Simon intended to fill the hole in the road himself had he been successful in firing the DOT crew.