5:18 A disturbing Title IX report was made by an attorney after an 8 week investigation where 41 parents, students, administrators and others were interviewed.  Allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct were NOT fully investigated.  This investigation continues.

8:05 Legal Update on behalf of the Board of Education.  Two stay orders requested by Dr. Adams denied.  Board Members vindicated.

9:18 Superintendent Comments, Phantom performance, SHS girl’s relay team and SHS Hockey Team recognized.

20:14 Public Comments, SHS Teacher Stephen Marx and Grievance Chair for the Suffern Education Association accuses the Board of breaking the rules while breaking the rules himself.  Mr. Marx was asked to make his remarks during the second Public Comment but refused. (Among other issues, the union is concerned that we put out the information about a pedagogical employee being suspended before the union or the teacher was aware.  What he fails to realize is that parents and union members who requested anonymity told us about the issue. He also fails to recognize that the information was indeed true and that parents are not subject to the SEA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Parents are thrilled that these issues are finally being addressed.  Mr. Marx then claims that the District violated the union’s collective bargaining agreement.  No mention was made of the fact that certain union members have allegedly violated the public trust with alleged predatory behavior that was not fully investigated.) 

23:20 Consent agenda agreed to and voted on.

24:51 National School Board Conference Report

27:24 Advocacy Committee Meeting Report

29:37 Budget Update by Teresa Isoldi

34:22 Board Member Comments

37:50 SHS Teacher Kim Clearly calls out (which is against the rules) Board member Melissa Reimer regarding comments made about a teacher freaking out during the High School Unit Lunch Drill. (A handful of parents and four students that we spoke with claim that a teacher panicked as the drill began until they were reminded that it was a drill.) 

39:54 Maureen Ritter, SMS Teacher and parent complains that we put out an item on social media regarding an issue with a district teacher prior to the teacher and union being aware of the issue.  (Parents complained about long-standing issues, the District took action. That’s fact and not misinformation.  The integrity of this and any district is undermined when appropriate action isn’t taken.  See Title IX Investigation at 5:18.  Ms. Ritter did acknowledge potential victims.  Parents and then members of the union provided this information. Ms. Ritter advocates for civil discourse, systemic integrity and facts; we agree however this should apply to everyone.)  Ms. Ritter’s word for the day: usurpation.

44:02 SHS teacher Stephen Marx addresses the board about Special Education funding cuts in the budget. (This is an issue that the district should address as the most vulnerable students need these services. The District and not the Board is responsible for putting together the budget.)