The first Village of Airmont meeting since the election that saw the incumbents knocked off the ballot raised so eyebrows as Tom Gulla, a former mayoral candidate who no longer lives in the Village of Airmont was appointed and apparently granted powers that many feel should only be granted to an elected official.

As the meeting ended, an Airmont resident approached the dias to speak with the newly elected Mayor Nathan Bubel.  Men gathered began to verbally abuse the resident while off camera another man was heard shouting at her as well.

Meanwhile the new Village Attorney may have a conflict in that it’s been alleged that the firm she works for represents the UTA (United Talmud Academy) in their lawsuit against Airmont. Mele is listed as “of counsel” for the firm Ira M. Emanuel P.C.  Five of the six charges against the Village of Airmont have already been dismissed.

Things look to be very interesting in Airmont over the next two years.