It was an amazing first day for the new Mayor and Board members in the Village of Airmont.

The three person ticket has not yet filed their complete financials which is a clear violation of New York State election law.  Their campaign treasurer is Frank Tramontano of Brooklyn.  We spoke with Mr. Tramontano by phone however he declined to comment. Interestingly enough, the information they have filed shows that they paid a $7,500 retainer to attorney Daniel Szalkiewicz. Szalkiewicz was allegedly given unfettered access to Board of Election computer files by Rockland County Democratic Party Chair and self-appointed Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner  Kristen Zebrowski Stavinsky.

Where did the money come from to pay for this retainer?

The new Mayor Nathan Bubel, Deputy Mayor Brian Downey and Trustee Migdalia Pesante were sworn it at noon instead of at the Board meeting later yesterday evening. Current Trustees Kevin Warbrick and Peter Blunnie were not invited to the ceremony.

At the conclusion of the meeting which saw a number of apparent interesting appointments and apparent conflicts of interest, an Airmont resident was verbally abused.

Witnesses say that one woman, identified as Janice Rosen got in the face of the resident.  We are waiting for video of that incident while a number of men joined in with the verbal abuse.

The video of the debacle was posted on YouTube however incredibly, the video settings were changed to prevent it from being published on other websites and the video was censored in order to remove the verbal abuse.

Clearly transparency is not on the list of priorities in Airmont any longer.

We do however have a copy of the unedited, uncensored video.  The debacle begins at approximately the 40 minute mark.