New City CVS Employee Saves the Day for Pomona Senior!

The Clarkstown Police Department responded to the New City CVS at 6:30 pm yesterday about a possible scam. A very quick thinking employee working at the cash register was approached by an elderly female who wanted to purchase over $3,000 worth of gift cards. The 49 year old female employee remembered that the Clarkstown Community Policing Officer Kennedy had just briefed her and her fellow employees about ongoing scams that target elderly people to purchase large dollar amounts of gift cards to pay off scammers. The sharp thinking employee immediately contacted the Clarkstown Police to respond.

The 72 year old female victim from Pomona said she got a phone call at approximately 1230 from a male named Johnson claiming to be an agent with the Social Security Administration.  The male suspect said that she was the victim of a money laundering scam and that she needed to purchase gift cards because her Visa card was going to be canceled. He instructed her to go immediately and buy the gift cards. The suspect was calling the victim while she was at the store. As soon as our officer got on the phone the suspect hung up.

Thankfully the system worked in this case but this issue requires continuing awareness. On behalf of the entire Clarkstown Police Department, we thank the employees of CVS for their outstanding efforts.