Video of the special meeting held on 3-11-2019.  The meeting was moved from the SCSD Office in Hillburn to the Suffern Middle School Auditorium in order to accommodate the anticipated crowd size.

More than two hundred people attended.

The Board read a prepared statement and the meeting started.  Public comment saw a number of parents and students address the board.

As the meeting was coming to an end, and acting Superintendent Dr. Castaldo was speaking, some in attendance claim that students were apparently encouraged by adults to stand up and walk out.

8:15 Statement by the Board regarding the suspension of Dr. Adams

13:27 First student addresses the Board.

18:12 Suffern High School teacher Susan Delaney addresses the Board.

22:09 Suffern High School teacher Colleen Annunziata addresses the Board.

24:00 The Board discusses and votes on agenda items.

50:35 Board member comments, a new segment allowing School Board members to independently comment.

51:32 Board Member Don Cairns speaks.

54:55 Board Member Paul Shapiro speaks.

56:45 Board Member Tommy Donnelly speaks.

57:10 Board Member Angus McKenzie speaks.

59:01 Board Member Melissa Reimer speaks.

1:00:44 Board Member Matthew Kern speaks.

1:02:27 Board President Amany Dgheim speaks.

1:04:13 Parent Paul Diamond addresses the Board.

1:07:12 Parent Joaquin Johnson addresses the Board.

1:09:30 Parent Amy Bloom addresses the Board.

1:13:04 Two Suffern High Schools student address the Board.

1:14:33 Parent Susan Davis addresses the Board.

1:15:28 Parent Melissa Gerardi addresses the Board.

1:16:45 Suffern High School student addresses the Board.

1:17:52 Fourth grade student addresses the Board.

1:18:34 Suffern High School Student addresses the Board.

1:19:27 Parent Jon Turco addresses the Board.

1:20:53 Suffern High School student

1:21:29 Closing comments from Acting Superintendent Dr. Castaldo speaks.