by Richard Gandon

Statement from Richard Ellsworth regarding the Suspension of Suffern Central School District Superintendent Dr. Douglas Adams:


“On the 5th and 7th this month, the Superintendent through my office brought two petitions to the State Education Commissioner.  The first one was a petition to remove the School Board President from her office for her unlawful actions.

The second one was served tonight was that the board itself was refusing to allow the Superintendent to do his job according to the law and to his contract.

The action by the board tonight occurred after both of those petitions were served.

The charges have been reviewed by me and my client, they are completely false, trumped up and there are no specifics in any of them.

The charges are obviously retaliatory based upon the Superintendent’s petitions seeking to remove the board president and seeking the termination l.

The action is unlawful pursuant to state law and pursuant to his contract.

My client will seek every means of redress with respect to these unlawful actions.“


Dr. Lisa Castado has been named by the board as the Temporary Superintendent while the issues get resolved.  Dr. Castaldo pledged to keep running the district in the best interests of the children.  When the meeting ended, a number of teachers from R.P. Connor Elementary School arrived at the DIstrict’s headquarters in Hillburn to show their support for Dr. Adams. More to come.