Governor Cuomo Also Directs State Police To Offer Assistance to Local Authorities in Investigation

“The allegations that 12-year-old girls were strip searched for drugs after being perceived as ‘hyper and giddy’ at a Binghamton middle school are deeply disturbing and raise serious concerns of racial and gender bias. Asking a child to remove her clothing — and then commenting on her body — is shaming, humiliating, traumatic sexual harassment. In New York, we have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind, especially in our schools, and we stand with those who are calling for clarity on this troubling incident.

“I have directed the New York State Police to offer their assistance to local authorities in the investigation into these allegations, and I call on the State Education Department to launch an investigation into this incident.

“This incident is also an unfortunate reminder of the urgent need to extend our nation-leading Human Rights Law Protections to public school students. This legislation, which I am once again advancing this year, will ensure that the State Division of Human Rights has the ability to investigate reports of harassment and discrimination in our schools. All students in the State of New York should have the right to pursue an education free from discrimination.”